Costa Rica, part 2

Yeah!!! Back to Costa Rica and to our bikes.

After spending more than two months in Sweden and England  it was time to fly back to Costa Rica and to our bikes. So weird but it actually felt like coming home when arriving to Costa Rica and to our bikes. I don’t mean that especially Costa Rica felt like home more like the way of living.

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First a few words about our time in Sweden

When the plane touched ground in Stockholm I had butterflies in my stomach. Both Anders and me were very excited to meet our family and friends and to have some delicious Swedish food. After that we had been camping or stayed in cheap hostels for over two years, both Anders and me spent the first couple of days having one wow moment after another. Delicious drinkable water direct from the tap, washing machine, fridge, freezer, bed, kitchen, table, a door you could lock etc., etc.. The list could be a mile long and we couldn’t stop smiling.

After a few days staying with our oldest son Simon who lives in Södertälje, we took the bus to Touratech in Lidköping. David, at Touratech Nordic, had been very kind to lend us two BMWs while we were in Sweden. I got a R1200 GS and Anders a F800 GS. First I thought, how on earth will I be able to ride such a big bike. It turned out to be no problem, in fact, the 1200 GS felt actually easier to ride than the 800 GS. Not only did Touratech Nordic let us have two bikes but we also got new helmets, t-shirts, straps, hats and new Companero suites…. The biggest surprise though was the gift from our sons, mums and David, new Zega Mundo panniers for our bikes. We were over the moon of happiness…. no more water filled panniers 🙂



Unfortunately, the joy did not last very long as just after a week in Sweden, my beloved dad passed away. My mum, Anders and myself watched over him for three days and three nights. This was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. To see someone you love and who has been there for you your whole life suffer, is devastating. I will miss him everyday of my life.


My beloved dad and my oldest son Simon.

Touratech Adventure Days in Säfsen

During out time in Sweden we rode up to Säfsen to attend Touratech’s Adventure Days where we had a few presentations and took some groups out for rides. It was a fabulous and very intense week where we met lots of wonderful people, Can’t wait to get back there next year…or the year after.




One night we were invited to Morten and his friends for some home made champagne, Yummy!!


The week after Touratech Adventure Days it was time to fly to England where our lovely son Hampus and his beautiful girlfriend were going to get married. It was the most beautiful and fun wedding we have ever been to.



Wearing high heals and a dress felt actually really nice for a change 🙂


The time in Sweden turned out to be an emotional rollercoaster. I am grateful that I could be with my dad his last days in life and also attend our sons wedding.


Back in Costa Rica

It was such a happy moment when we saw our bikes again. Love them, love them, love them 🙂

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It was just the best feeling ever to see your bikes again… we could’t stop smiling 🙂


Osa Penisula

We stayed a few days in San Jose to get the bikes ready but as soon as that was done we headed towards Osa peninsula. This is a pristine rainforests that has a rugged natural beauty. It is said to be the most beautiful part of Costa Rica. It has also been declared ‘one of the most biologically intense places on earth’ by the National Geographic Magazine

We first rode to the south east of the Peninsula and stayed for a couple of nights. We camped close to the water and there were lots of crocodiles and up in the trees were lots of Scarlet Macaws and Tucan birds.

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This is the owner of the campground. He had a big heart.

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The owner took care of orphans and in this picture one of them went for a little ride with Anders.


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Beautiful sunset in Puerto Jimenez.


A motorcycle should not be under the water… 

A few days later we decided to head to the north west part of the peninsula, Drake Bay, that we had heard should be awesome. To get there we had to take a boat to cross a river.

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Anders dropped his bike and he managed to get up before I reached the camera, bugger.


After we crossed the river it was a dirt road that went up and down the hills with a few water crossings. One of the water crossings was big and I mean really big. We saw one big car crossing it and it seemed to struggle a bit but I thought how hard can it be…? I love water crossings so I was rather excited and could feel the adrenalin pumping in my body.

I was determent to keep the speed up, keep the sight well ahead and let the bike work under me, exactly as I was told at the Touratech Adventure Days in Sweden. At the beginning of the water crossing I did exactly that and it went very well and my confidence was nearly hitting the roof……. THEN I hit something that turned my front wheel around. This was of course at the deepest part of the river.  I was just shouting ‘I’m going down, I’m going down” and then ´F**CK´.  Anders who was on the other side photographing me…  bugger,  dropped the camera and run into the water.  It was at this point I made a huge mistake.  I did not turn off the engine fast enough…

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Because of my mistake of not switching off the engine the bike got water in all places that can let in water and a few more places and killed it completely.  Luckily a guy came by (this was in the middle of the nowhere) and helped us drag the bike out of the water.  While we during an hour or so tried to see what damaged the water done we realised that we need help moving the bike to a village.  We didn’t want to stay in the middle of the jungle when it got dark. Anders left me with my partly demolished bike, an umbrella and a bottle of water.  Yeah lucky me.  He rode to the next village and found a hostel and organised a vehicle to come to pick up the bike.  When the car came we realised that we would not be able to get the bike up on this tiny car.  Also the dirt Road was really bad so it wouldn’t have worked.

After some time, luckily, out of nowhere, a truck came by and we paid the driver $40 to take my bike and me to the nearest village. While Anders, the lucky sod, was riding behind, I was in the truck in the front between two extremely slimy men. I was rather glad that I was 51 years old,  sweaty,  dirty and just not attractive at all, phew. However these two creepy men took me and the bike to a hostel on an extremely bumpy road…. Several times we had to stop, get out of the car and tie down the bike even more.

THEN the hard work began to remove all the water,  from the oil, lamp, cylinders, panniers, and yes I know they are waterproof but I guess there is a limit to what water proof means.

While Anders took my bike apart I was asking for help on Facebook.  Wow wow wow so many people who kindly gave us suggestions. David at Touratech saved us by telling us to check the level of the oil.  We had only checked if it was milky which it wasn’t.  However the oil level was very  high which means that we had water in the engine. So we needed new oil. Through Facebook we come in contact with Sander Lopez and his daughter Daniela who didn’t live far from the village and said that they could come to us with oil. It took a fair amount of time before they arrived and it seemed that they didn’t live that close to the village but still they were kind to drive the whole way to help us… incredibly nice people. After we changed the oil and dried everything, the bike, after quite a few coughs, started. Honestly I was so happy that I nearly cried.


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Drying some electrical parts with a hairdryer…. God bless the hairdryer 😉

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Wonderful Sander Lopez and his daughter Daniela who brought us oil.


The day after we decided to leave and we had to take the same way back which meant the same water crossing…. Again I was very confident that I could do it. Anders went first and told me that it was no problem at all and it wasn’t soft just keep to the left first….. I kept to the left a bit too far and under the water it was deep mud…. I was just sinking, Anders bless him had drop the camera again an run into the water. Anders was trying to lift the bike with me upon it while I was working the throttle…. Honestly I thought he would die back there, at least it sounded like it. While I was working ‘hard’ with the throttle to get away from the mud he was behind and got all the mud and water in his face. After which seemed like a very long time we managed to get my bike out from the mud so I could ride to the other side. Oh my god we were laughing like crazy. And that was enough of fun for that day.

Costa Rica had its ups and downs but it is such a beautiful country and we really loved it. And it is good to have some bad day as you then can appreciate the good ones 😀 Next up is Panama, can’t wait to see what that will bring.


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… and downs

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Photos from Sweden


We did some camping in Sweden 🙂


Met my lovely friend Yvonne that I have known for many years 🙂


Camping with Morten, Gina and Peter. they spoiled us rotten with delicious food.



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