In Uruguay we had heavy rains, flooding, tornadoes, someone emptied our bank account and the most fantastic sunset…

The border crossing from Argentina into Uruguay was probably one of the fastest so far. We, by ‘accident’, overtook the whole queue of cars. We were told off by the border officers, but it was worth it. It is a bit crazy how cheeky we have became after being on the road for such a long time. Anyway we only road to Mercedes, a town Anders wanted to go to only because of the name, duh… We had a quick look around and bought a very pale sandwich and then we left and rode to Colonia where we stopped by a pencil museum.



The Pencil museum was about to close for the day and it started to get dark so we asked the woman, who was locking up, if we could pitch the tent outside the museum, which she said was ok. The woman even let us buy some cheese and wine so we had a really lovely evening. However, during the night it was raining cats and dogs, which kept me awake for hours.

In the morning we visited the pencil museum, which has got the world record many times. The owner of the museum has been collecting pencils, ashtrays, key chains for over 50 years. What had started of, as a modest souvenir collection became four rooms with over 80,000 items.


Pensils, pensilc, pencils…. third time I managed to spell it right…. yes I am dyslectic 😂😂


Camping outside the pencil museum


Outside the Pencil Museum there were also a few very old cars


Stuck in Montevideo

Because of the heavy rain the roads were closed so we couldn’t get out of Montevideo. We spent the days mostly inside the hotel as it was raining so much, but we got one nice day that we spent doing touristy stuff like visiting museums. This very day we also went to a bank to buy Dollars. A few days after we noticed that the bank account was almost empty… bugger. The woman at bank must have skimmed our card. Luckily we had used our Swedish card this time, which meant that we got the money back in a few days without any hassle.







We visited the museum Espacio De Arte Contemporaneo, which is an old prison that, while we were there, was being transformed into a center for art and creativity. Fantastic place, hope to get back one day when it is fully up and running.




We have come across many spiders on our around the world tour, but never met anyone before that wanted to have fight with my helmet…



A powerful and deadly tornado hit Dolores in Uruguay

It was such terrible weather, heavy rain and very windy, in Montevideo the day we were supposed to leave so we decided to stay one more night. This was very fortunate decision for us because along our planned route was a small town called Dolores, which was hit by a tornado on the very same day… The powerful tornado had swept through the city, throwing cars in the air and ripping up houses, etc. Sadly we also read on the news that four people had been killed, two by flying cars carried by the strong winds, and hundreds of people were injured.

When they at last opened the roads again, we hit the road and rode towards Dolores. However, after only 100km we were stopped as the road was cut of…. bugger.  The stone bridge had literary been swept away by the flooding. People from the village were working hard with moving all trees that fallen in the river so they could start to rebuild the bridge. As it was late and we would have to ride a long detour, we decided to pitched the tent on a beach nearby. Later that evening we saw the most fantastic sunset.




The day after we rode to Dolores, which is about 250 km west of Montevideo, which now was declared an emergency zone by the government. We were shocked to see how much damage a tornado can do and we were releived that we stayed one more night in Montevideo.


Houses were totally ripped apart






Flooding in Mercedes

After Dolores we came to Mercedes again and though they hadn’t been hit by the tornado they had got lots of rain, the whole city was flooded. Wherever we tried to go we were stopped by the water.




The last night in Uruguay 

Of course we had a flat tyre in Uruguay… we are trying hard to get that in every country 😉



Though we had lots of rain, flooding and a tornado we had a good time in Uruguay. We didn’t know it at the time but we should come back to the country a couple of months later when taking the cargo ferry back to Europe.

Paraguay next 😀



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  1. You were very fortunate to avoid the storm in Dolores.

    1. Yes it was so close that we should have been there at that time. Really scary to see what a tornado can do.

  2. Hola Anders y Petra ,como estan, viajo con ustedes cuando leo los articulos de los paises que publican como motoquero que soy.
    Sigan disfrutando y suban mas comentarios y fotos de los paises viistados
    Feliz año 2018
    saludos Daniel
    Hotel Balfer.

    1. Hola Daniel,
      Estamos bien y camino a Marruecos. Estamos felices de que nos sigues en nuestros viajes.
      Feliz año nuevo 2018
      Anders y Petra

      PS google translate 😉

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