New BMW F800GS

At last, after been waiting such a long time (not that long really), Anders and me picked up our new BMW F800 GS yesterday. It was maybe not the best day for riding a bike with the temperature of zero degrees Celsius, snow and me with a slipped disc but nothing could have stopped us and I mean nothing 😉 …. and really we are going for a around the world trip and it will probably get much worse than this…

Before we took of for Williams Motorcycles in Manchester I had a proper emotional farewell moment with my F650 GS that I’ve had for 4 years and done 22 131 miles (35.525km) on.

Anders has had a R1200 GS Adventure, which he certainly will miss though he might find the F800 GS more fun to ride, at least it will be easier to pick up when he drops it 😉

When we arrived at Williams Motorcycles and entered the door we saw the two beauties loaded with the new aluminium boxes next to each other and I got that feeling that this is actually happening J

We had such a good time in the shop sorting out the papers with the salesman Dave. We had a laugh at Anders who is the man with the million questions. This might be a pain in the back for some but for us it is perfect as he don’t leave any loose ends 🙂

© Stridfeldt

© Stridfeldt


  1. Hej!

    Läste om er resa i dagens OT och tycker att det låter helt rätt att ni gör den här resan.

    Jag bara undrar varför inte Australien och Nya Zeeland ingår i den planerade resrutten?

    Har rest en hel del och tycker att just Nya Zeeland är det bästa stället jag varit på.

    Lycka till på resan!

    Med vänlig hälsning Stenne Alskans

  2. Lucky you guys that get to start now, my trip starts June 2014, got left to sell my car and Rv, the Off I go. I have replaced my elefant of a bike (1200 GS adv) with a new KTM1190 Adv R that is for my two year rtw trip starting next year. Good luck to you both. I will follow along.
    Bjørn Hagen

    • Александр on 11th August 2013 at 14:28
    • Reply

    Hello from Penza.This is Alexander we met at the hotel)

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