Rumania and Moldova

The first of July we rode from Poland to Slovakia where the roads where full of potholes in all sizes. We crossed the border to Hungary quite late and we were lucky to find a campsite quite quickly but still we needed to put up the tent when it was dark, which is not the best thing to do. The campsite was okay but not as nice as the once we stayed at in Poland.

We woke up early the day after but it took us ages to get ready. This starts to really annoy me, not sure why it needs to take such a long time to get everything back on the bikes but I guess this will speed up with more practice.

We went through Hungary, which was a quite boring ride as it was not really anything to see and the landscape was very flat and yes, very boring.

The day after we crossed the border to Romania and shortly after a guy stopped us who were working for BMW Motorrad in Oradea. He asked if we wanted to come to the BMW Motorrad for a coffee and chat? We stayed for over two hours and managed to buy some spare parts for the bikes too that we didn’t have chance to get before leaving Sweden. They didn’t have any of the spare parts in stock but they just took it from a new BMW F 800GS and said they order the parts and put it back later. During the time we were having a chat with this guy someone put a cigarette on Anders seat, which made a nasty hole, but duct tape can fix most things 🙂

After a long day and some really awful roads… (still stubborn to avoid pay roads).  We arrived to a campsite, Doua Lumi (46.21024, 24.32553) in Blajel, which the navigator led us to. We could only see a small house with the campsite sign on and at this state I was nearly in tears and said to Anders that this is not a campsite but Anders thought that at least he could go and check the place out which he did, thankfully. When he came back he had a huge smile on his face and said there is even a swimming pool and Internet…. I thought he was joking and a joke was not something I could deal with at that moment. However, when entering the gate it was such a little paradise with a swimming pool 🙂 and after I meet the owners Hans and Wilma, who where the nicest people on earth, we decided to stay for two nights so we could have one whole day not riding the bikes and do some washing up. The owner Hans even took us to the little town and suggested different nice roads in Romania etc.. If you are thinking of going to Romania and ride the Transfăgărășan I can really recommend this campsite.

The morning when we left this gorgeous little place we woke up to the sound of rain drops which was not very good as it was today we were going to ride on the best road in the world regarding to Top Gear and a lot of others. Anyway we set off and thought it would stop which it eventually did but we missed some of the views, as it was very foggy. When it was as worst we stopped at a ruin of a house for some shelter.

We got a 'roof' over our heads when it was pouring down

We got a ‘roof’ over our heads when it was pouring down

The road was beautiful to ride but at some places the bends were a bit to ‘bendy’ for my taste. I have two phobias which one is heights so I am very proud of myself when I got to the top. Picture I must say that the way down hill on the other side was more pleasant and the bends not too sharp or maybe I was just getting better riding the bike 🙂

Up in the mountain we found a campsite Camping Panorama, Rucar (45.40588, 25.18901) with the most beautiful view and very friendly staff.

The view we woke up to was absolutely stunning.

We walk up to this stunning view in Rumania.

We woke up to this stunning view in Romania.

I woke up early that morning by an ant that bit me in the face and Anders woke up by me screaming that something bit me and as a result we were both very awake. This made it possible for us to take a walk before we hit the road again so thank you little ant :). We went for a walk in this beautiful landscape.

A morning walk a lovely morning in Rumania

A morning walk a lovely morning in Romania

After that we took off to Brasov and stopped at McDonalds to get Wifi to make a decisions of where to go from there. We ended up in a disagreement about what way we should to go so after a few hours in McDonalds and the staff looking at us in a very not so nice way we decided to find a campsite and stay over night. This campsite (Complex Camping Dorste) in Brasov was not the nicest but not the worst we had been to either. The staff was unfriendly so I wouldn’t go there again for that reason.

The morning after we were heading for Moldova.

Crossing the border to Moldova didn’t take that long, thankfully, just over an hour. We travelled through Moldova for a few hours and the roads were bumpy. We stayed one night in Chisinau, which was an unusual town. Not sure how to describe it but both Anders and me got the feeling of being in a movie where everyone was actors except Anders and me, like the film ‘The Truman Show’ with Jim Carrey where he was unaware that he was living in a constructed reality television show. Whoops maybe I got a bit carried away now 😉

One problem we had in Moldova was that we didn’t have a map and the Garmin map for the navigator didn’t have the roads right, actually they only had one road on the map through Moldova and nothing in Chisinau so we were lost big time there.  Anyway we found a hotel in the end, which was not too bad, but the breakfast was a disaster. We ordered a menu with pancakes but what we got was ‘fried’ eggs that tasted nothing. It reminded me of eating a jellyfish though I’ve never tasted one…

We de decided to cross the border through the Transnistria which is disputed, as the central government does not control that territory Republic in eastern Moldova. It has its own government and currency but is not recognized by any other country.

Ok, so crossing this border was in one way a big mistake as it took ages but we also met such a lovely woman who could speak English. She helped for several hours to fill in all the papers to get through the border. Rodica, which is her name, lives in Transnistria with her mum but she had been out traveling quite a lot. Rodica if you read this, a big thank you for your help and hope we will meet you again one day.

Lovely Rodica from Moldova who helped us at the boarder.

Lovely Rodica from Moldova who helped us at the boarder.

At last after many hours at borders we entered the Ukraine border yay!

Now the huge disaster started which I will tell you about in the next blog post.

 Some more pics 


The best road in the world according Top Gear

Transfăgărășan is the best road in the world according Top Gear and it was pretty good 🙂


Two lovely workers in the town Medias in Romania.

Anders walking the street

Anders walking the streets in the town Medias in Romania


In Transnistrian Moldova


In Transnistrian Moldova


That’s the way to do it in Romania


Friendly people we met in Moldova. They offered to show us nice places but unfortunately we didn’t have time.


Ok travel around the world on a motorcycle does not make anyone beautiful but at least I try to get my legs shaved once in a while.





The best road in the world according Top Gear

The best road in the world according Top Gear

In Rumania it is still very common to use horses for transport and when working on the land.

In Romania it is still very common to use horses for transport and when working on the land.

Aha this is the way they got the electricity in Rumania ;)

Aha this is the way they got the electricity in Romania 😉

They even put a Swedish flag up when we arrived :)

They even put a Swedish flag up when we arrived 🙂



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  1. Hey guys
    Nice post – I’m already looking forward to the next one 🙂
    Just some advice – make sure you give each other some space once in a while – trust me, it’ll be good for both of you. I speak from experience. When you’re heading out on a journey like this, you will experience what most people never have – being together 24/7 for several month. Even the best relationship can be challenged in a situation like this.
    Okay – enough of the preaching.
    My second advice to you is, always estimate a border crossing to take at least 4 hours – because it will happen eventually. If it doesn’t take that long, you will just be positively surprised and have some “extra” time available.
    Last but not least I can highly recommend
    Compared to a lot of GPS manufacturers, this site has some really detailed maps – in many cases more detailed (and updated) than some of the big map providers – and you can actually download them – for free! 🙂
    Take care and try not to do anything stupid. Keep the rubber side down and the shiny side up.

    1. Hi Lars,

      Thanks a lot for your advice, will come useful. We have the open street map and it’s working 🙂

      Anders and Petra

    • Åke Håkansson on 14th July 2013 at 10:42
    • Reply

    Hallo to you all

    Good to see that you both are okej
    Thanks for beautiful pictures from your trip
    Drive carefully and good luck on the trip

  2. Nice to read all the good stuff about us. Did not notice you were sneakily getting your legs shaved in the shade of your tent. Or would have recommended a barbershop very close by.
    Good you are making your way through Moldova. Transnistria is not really a good idea, but you found out yourselves I understand.
    Hope you find time to meet our friend Tanya in Kiev. We will keep on following you.
    Do not hesitate to write a review on us on………………………………...

    1. Haha Hans if I had known about the barbershop… 😉 Yes we managed ride through Transnistria though it was very time consuming to get through the border. Unfortunately we didn’t go to Kiev, intend we spent a week in the Russian consulate (Anders inside and I was outside guarding the bikes) Next time we get internet I will gladly write a review on your website.

  3. Can’t wait for the next instalment!

    • Nicola on 15th July 2013 at 22:29
    • Reply

    I’m loving ur blogs and seing all the wonderful things u are experiencing. I think it’s amazing what you and anders are doing. Keep going and I look forward to your nxt blog.
    Love Nicola xxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Thank you so much Nicola. I’m in a desperate need of you to sort my hair out…please come 😉 xxxxxx

    • graham yoxall on 16th July 2013 at 10:36
    • Reply

    hi its Graham from the Brock and Costcuter Macclesfield Glad to read your blogs hope the next is soon take care graham

    1. Thanks Graham, we are glad you are following our blog. Take care Petra and Anders

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