Touratech Compañero riding suit


The Touratech Compañero actually consists of two suits, or even three, depend on how you look upon it.

First suit; is the summer suit for riding in warm weather, which also has the integrated armour. This is the suit that we have worn on its own most of the time in South East Asia, India, Nepal, Mexico etc. It is just perfect riding gear for warm and hot weather conditions and is very well ventilated.

Second suit; is the all-weather suit to be used in colder weather or rain. It is simply pulled over the top of the summer suit and is wind and waterproof. This is the best waterproof suit we have ever had and it has kept us 100% dry all the time. It can be a bit bulky to pull on, but as soon as it’s on it will keep you warm and dry. A great feature is that the all-weather trousers can be pulled on without taking off your boots as it has zippers on each leg that goes all the way up to the thighs.

Third suit or I should really say jacket; is the all-weather jacket used on its own. This works fine as a rain jacket when you’re not on the bike, as it has no built in armours. Might be a bit big on its own, but that is great in cold weather as you can easily fit a warm fleece underneath.

Summary: The Touratech Compañero is a great motorcycle gear with multiple ways of usage, even if it initially can feel a bit costly. It is very well suited for all kind of weather conditions. We have used it in hot (50ºC, 122ºF), cold (-10ºC, 14ºF), heavy rain, hail storm etc. and we have not once regret that we choose the Touratech Compañero as the motorcycle gear for our RTW tour. 

Time used: 4 years 

Pros & Cons


  • Very well ventilated summer suit
  • 100% waterproof
  • Possible to pull on the all-weather trousers without taking the boots off
  • The all-weather jacket can be used as a rain jacket when you’re not on the bike


  • The all-weather suit will take up some valuable packing space when it’s not used.
  • Can initially feel a bit costly



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