Touratech Aventuro Carbon helmet


The Touratech Aventuro Carbon helmet is constructed from lightweight carbon fibre, which you probably already guessed… It has a unique combination of multiple features and can easily convert into a street, dirt or adventure helmet without any tools.

There are lots of practical and well thought out details and functionalities without compromising the safety or lightness, such as:

  • removable and washable liner
  • speaker cavities for intercom systems
  • emergency cheek pad removal
  • quick extender at the end of the peak for more sun blockage
  • great air flow vents
  • off-road goggles fit nicely if you remove the visor
  • pin-lock ready visor to prevent it to get foggy
  • , etc..

The intercom ready cavities fitted our intercom speakers nicely and even feature a soft cover to provide a layer between our ear and the speaker itself. However, my ears are probably not located where they should be, as the speakers in the cavities ended up behind my ear and it was struggle to hear Petra in higher speeds. So I have had to readjust and carve out the cavities a bit so I could move the speakers forward to fit with my ears. However, Petra has not this problem at all so it is probably my ears that are wrongly located…

I personally like that the helmet is light and feels good on my head, plus it looks pretty cool in every configuration. Though as an around the world traveller I prefer to use it in the adventure mode with the visor. I also really like the action camera mounting options, as it is a really cool little feature that I haven’t seen on any other helmets. The final point I would like to make is that it’s a great and comfy helmet very well suited to adventure riding and on longer tours. 

Time used: 2,5 years

Pros & Cons


  • Lightweight carbon fibre design
  • Easy conversion from street, dirt or adventure
  • Lots of configuration options and accessories included
  • Prepared for intercom use with speaker cavities
  • Very large field of vision
  • Removable and washable liners


  • Speaker cavities could be a bit larger for individual adjustments (in case your ears not are located at the same place as ‘everyone’ else 😉
  • Not as quiet as a street-only helmet



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