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The GS-911 wifi is a diagnostic tool for BMW motorcycles and a fantastic product if you want to ‘connect’ with your beloved Beemer. For us it has been great to be able to read fault codes and reset them when needed and to maintain and control my own vehicle without being dependent on expensive garages. Okay, I’m not a very good mechanic and need help from time to time, but the GS-911 wifi definitely makes my life easier and boost my confidence riding in remote areas.

The GS-911 wifi is available in two models, the enthusiast version (which we have) allowing use of maintenance functions on 10 VIN’s, and the unlimited VIN professional version (more for garages, motorcycle clubs, etc.). The GS-911 wifi device consists of a small intelligent electronic interface that has two main functions, Emergency or Service functionality:

The Emergency functionality is very useful when you are on the road without Internet access and experience problem with your bike. Then you can simply connect your mobile phone, tablet, iPad etc. to your GS-911wifi device and get access to ECU information, read & clear fault codes on all control units, and view real time live sensor data for all engine control units.

The Service functionality is available with either the Windows PC application downloaded from HEX Code or by using any other device (Android phone, iPhone, MacBook, etc. with Internet access) and connected to the HEX Cloud. The Service functionality includes all the emergency functionalities plus the ability to reset service reminders, do output function tests, calibrations plus much much more.

To sum up, the GS-911 wifi as a great little gadget that is very useful for BMW owners that would like to ‘know’ their bike a bit better, regardless if you are in your garage or on a longer tour. I think it is really one of the ‘must’ item to bring along when traveling around the world, and I can highly recommend this diagnostic tool to anyone with a Beemer. 

Time used: 2,5 years

Pros & Cons


  • It’s small, compact, and incredibly light.
  • The HEX Cloud service now enables the Service functionality to MacBook users that was previously limited to Windows PC.
  • It’s easy to connect via the built in wifi and mobile app, which HEX Code have developed for both Apple and Android phones.
  • No matter where you are in the world, having that knowledge that you can troubleshoot problems on your own can be a godsend.
  • If you have an identified problem and you can not solve it yourself, you can with help from GS-911 wifi effectively communicate with someone who may be able to help and advice what to do to solve the issue.


  • It’s only developed for BMW’s at present (not a problem for us though) 😉

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