Touratech – Air Pump Spaero Alu


The Spaero pump is a small robust pump that takes very little space when packing. There is no problem at all to inflate a flat tyre to full pressure (2,8 bar on rear tyre) after a puncture. The only downside with the small size of the pump is its volume, and it takes quite a few strokes to inflate a 150/70 R17 tyre.

It also has a nice feature with a flexible pull-out hose which minimise the mechanical pressure and the risk to snap the valve when inflating a tyre.

I can highly recommend this mini pump as long as you are up for a bit of workout while inflating your tyre.

Time used: 4 years and over 50 flat tyres/tyre changes

Pros & Cons


  • Very small (length 215 mm and weight 160 g)
  • Max pressure: 5 bar / 73 PSI
  • Flexible pull-out hose which minimise the the risk to snap the valve


  • Takes many strokes to inflate a tyre due to the pump volume



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