Not often we have this little to say about a country but not much happened in Paraguay while we were there. So this will be a very short blogpost.


After a couple of days riding through Argentina from Uruguay we finally came to the Paraguay border. It was a fairly fast and easy border crossing.



We came across quite a few cowboys in Paraguay which took us back to the American western movies we watched back in the days. It is actually nice to see that some parts of the world are keeping their traditions alive.



There were some nice dirt roads in Paraguay.



Asuncion is the capital of Paraguay bordered by the Paraguay River and we were told that it has many beautiful flowering trees and several large parks in the city. However, we didn’t see much of that because of all the rain we had during out time in the city.  

We woke up by a storm one night and heard a crash next to our tent. The next morning we saw that it was a bamboo tree that crashed not far from the tent.


We took the opportunity to visit the Touratech shop in Paraguay. This is by far the smallest one we have come a cross so far. 


We stayed in a hostel with super friendly owner. This is the son of the owner that wanted a photo of us together.  



The small, artificial beach in Encarnación was very nice and on the other side of the river is the city Posadas in Argentina



Oh well maybe they need to get some nicer palm trees



Camping outside an empty hostel.


We met a nice guy who lived next to the hostel where we were camping. He was so interested by our journey.  


If you do not have a plug… this works fine 😀 




I am glad that they were not allowed to hunt in this park as it was a small park with lots of people walking, running, playing football etc..



Brazil next and we are super excited 😀


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