Grande Brasile, Uruguay – UK

We spent five very looong weeks on a cargo ship when we crossed the Atlantic Ocean from Montevideo in Uruguay to Tilbury in England. The ship did a few short stops in;  Brazil, Senegal, Gambia and Germany. Five weeks, ‘how on earth could we come up with that idea’ we asked ourselves many times while being seasick, bored and even more bored. This was five weeks without wifi, oh well we had contact with the rest of the world when we went into ports a few times and a few times we could send a plain email from the ship. However, the days flew past while we were reading, playing darts, cards, ate, ate, ate, etc.

The name of the ship who took us over the Atlantic Ocean is Grande Brasile and is a ro-ro cargo ship from the Grimaldi Group. It’s 214m long and 32m wide and her gross weight is a massive 56 660 tons…


Before we rolled on the ship Anders thought we should get our bikes washed. I asked Anders if he thought it was really necessary…. he looked at me and said – ‘Petra, it’s nearly a year ago since we washed the bikes, so YES they are going to be washed NOW’ I’ve learnt that when Anders talk in such way it’s better to just do as he says. When thinking about it, it was quite be nice to see the true colour of the bikes again.  


First stop was in Santos, Brazil.


Out on the daily walk… probably about 150 meters long walk hehe


Second stop was the Port in Rio De Janerio


Cars that waiting for to be loaded onto the ship


Though we had recently been to Rio De Janeiro we took the opportunity to get off the ship and go for a walk.

Out for a walk in the port i Rio


Containers in Rio De Janeiro 


When on the ship we saw lots of whales, dolphins, flyfish, birds etc.


Frigatebird (left) and Gannet bird (right)


We had some fantastic sunset. The photo below was taken one evening when we had a BBQ with the officers and the crew.

The officers were from the Baltic countries and Poland, and the rest of the crew came from the Philippines. We had a lot of fun with these guys.

Anders making his first video from when we were riding in Bolivia. To see the video click on the link  Two Bikers One World in Bolivia


We were “baptised” by King Neptune when we crossed the equator. There is a tradition that any seafarer crossing the equator for the first time should be “baptised” to become a fully initiated seafarer… so nowadays we are also named Baracuda (Petra) and Hammerhead (Anders), hehe  😉  

We had to do some crazy but fun stuff to be baptised and were surprised how much effort the crew put in to make this such a good memory for us.

And after we were “baptised” we had a delicious meal on deck.


The crew let us be on the bridge whenever we liked and they were always happy to tell us about what was happening and what they were doing.





When we got closer to Africa they places barb wire along the ship. Apparently it was in case of pirates.


We like to photograph ports in different countries. they might look the same but when taking a closer look you can see they differ slightly from each other.

Port in Dakar, Senegal


Men working ‘hard’ in the Port in Dakar, Senegal

We really enjoy photographing people in different countries and Africa were not an exceptions.



















Back in Europe

At last,  after three years and four months and five looong weeks on a cargo ship we, together with our motorcycles, were back in Europe again…. what a feeling it was.

Port in Hamburg, Germany


Port in Hamburg, Germany


Port in Hamburg, Germany


Last meal with the guys.


We were four passengers from Uruguay to Dakar and from Dakar we were six.


The captain and the super best chef Jeffrey who had his birthday that day


After weeks on open water it was incredible nice to get off the ship and take a walk in Hamburg.


Last night on the Cargo ship, Grande Brasile


Soon I will see England again.


In this photo it was just a few hours until we could leave the ship and ride in England again.


Wow at last 


After a long day we at last got the papers sorted and could head north in England.


Now some time off travelling…. or maybe not 😉 





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    • Trevor Olner on 8th January 2018 at 00:20
    • Reply

    Hey Petra and Anders great to see your back in the UK. You two don’t seem to age so the travelling has been good to you. I’m no longer living in Salford but I am now living in Huddersfield since the 30 Nov 17. Still settling

    1. Hi Trevor, We were back shortly in the UK but went to Sweden and then start another adventure 5 month ago. We have been updated the blog but are nearly up to date. We have been in Morocco for a while but are now back in Portugal for a few weeks and then we go south again towards South Africa. After that we are going to settle down…. we think 😉
      So how is it to live in Huddersfield?

  1. 5 long weeks but a great story !

    1. Thank you Adri 😀 it certainly was the longest five weeks in my life 😉

  2. What a great adventure you have had. Hats off to you both.

    1. Thank you Tommy, Yes it was a fantastic adventure and we have started a new one, which we will write about shortly 😀

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