Exped SynMat TT 9 LW

When we started our trip in 2013 we had two Exped SynMat 7 LW, which we were super happy with. They were very comfy, warm and packed small. However, in 2015 we had the opportunity to “upgrade” to Exped’s state of the art mat, Exped SynMat TT 9 LW. We can only say ‘Wow, super impressed!’ 🙂

Exped’s SynMat TT 9 LW is designed for long-haul expeditions in cold and demanding environments. The mat is a durable and exceptionally comfortable. The design of the mat consists of eight individual inner tubes that run the length of the mat and are protected by an outer cover. One great benefit with this design is that if you are unlucky and a tube should somehow get punctured, the damaged tube can easily be removed from the mat and repaired. Having said that, we have more or less used these mats on a daily basis for nearly three years and we have never got any punctures…

It is dead easy to inflate the mat thanks to the included schnozzel pumpbag, which is, basically, a waterproof stuff sack with a nozzle that can be attached to the mat to fill it with air. This sleeping mat is highly recommended to anyone that won’t compromise on sleeping comfort while camping!

Time used: 3 years

Very durable 😉


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Durable 
  • Easy to repair if you are unlucky
  • Warm


  • Pricy
  • Takes a bit of time to inflate




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