Everything is under control….

Today it’s only 16 days until we are off or actually it is 10 days until we are leaving Macclesfield. I must admit that both Anders and me suffer slightly from insomnia.

Our furniture, telly, lots of bits and bobs are now spread out in different houses in Manchester and Sheffield and we are using a removable box as a table and two camping chairs to sit on…. We have sold some stuff on car boots and some has been left at the recycling place and we have filled our son Hampus’ flat with all sorts of stuff and the rest will be sent off to our son Emil in Sweden next week…. OMG we are actually starting our around the world tour soon, it’s so exciting.

The car is sold, they will pick it up tonight and the house is sold or the buyer will sign the contract tomorrow so overall it seems that we will actually be leaving the house and Macclesfield next week.

There are still some ‘minor’ problems, the adventure boots I bought are too small and the Arai Tour-X4 helmet is too noise and too heavy. We don’t have the Touratech motorcycle cloths yet, the moving company can’t deliver the stuff to Sweden as we would like them to do, still don’t have an address in the UK (we need one for letters and stuff) I have not yet found a sleeping bag that is good enough for the trip, we have not decided what camera equipment to take with us, we have sent off the passport to get the visas for Russia and Kazakhstan and we are not sure when we’ll get these back in time or if we even get the visas, etc., etc.…. But overall I think we have everything under control haha

Last weekend we went down to the Touratech event in south Wales and had the chance to try out the new tent (Fjällräven), which I think, will be perfect for the trip. We also used the MSR Quick 2 System Cookware, which everyone says is very good. Unfortunately we must have been unlucky as after the second time we were using it the coating started to fall off. I sent an email to the Warranty Manager in Matlock who was incredible helpful and promised to send a new one as soon as possible.

The route has been changed slightly and Anders will soon upload the new map… if he can remember it… I must say that he is a bit all over the place at the moment but I guess I am as well…


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    • Peter Styrhagen on 14th May 2013 at 08:25
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    Hej på er!
    Ni är bara för sköna! Det är lätt att tänka och säga att man ska bli bättre på att säga “Ja” och våga prova nytt, men svårare att göra det i verkligheten.
    Ni är verkliga inspiratörer inom “Ja” området. Ni inte bara drömmer utan vågar tänka tanken “- det här kan vi göra, vi kör!”

    Det ska bli intressant att följa er resa och ta del av era erfarenheter.

    Ge järnet!


    1. Hej Peter,
      Tack för din fina kommentar. Ja vi lever lite efter principen att vi bara har ett liv och man ångrar ju mest det man inte gjort, inte det man gjort…. öhh if that make any sense. När vi började planera denna resa för ca 5 måndader sedan så verkade det som en lysande ide men idag är vi ganska stressade så frågan poppar upp i huvudet om det verkligen var så smart haha.

      När vi kommer till Södertälje kanske vi kommer förbi och säger hej, det var ju ett tag sedan vi sågs.

      Anders o Petra

  1. Good luck. I am sure everything will come together smoothly.

    1. Thanks for you support, feels like we need all ‘Good lucks’ now 🙂

    • Geoff on 18th May 2013 at 19:59
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    Hi Anders,

    Sorry I didn’t get chance to say goodbye in person. Best wishes and have a great trip !


    1. Many thanks Geoff 😀

      Kind regards

    • Mitch Ramsey on 27th May 2013 at 19:30
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    Hey guys…..

    Just wishing you all the very best on your adventure. We were telling the kids on the way home just how far you were travelling and they were amazed..

    Take care and have a safe journey!

    Mitch, Claire, Jake + Millie
    (Edmonton campsite)

    1. Hello guys,

      It was really nice to meet you, and we will soon update the route as it has changed slightly.

      Hope you will get some nice weather soon here in England. We are heading over to Sweden next week and so far it has been warm and nice over there but who knows it might change when we arrive…. fingers crossed that it will not.

      Take care

      Petra and Anders

    • C on 12th June 2013 at 04:47
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    Nice posts indeed

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