Anders & Petra


Petra Stridfeldt 

Petra is from Sweden but lived in England for a total of 10 years. She is a photographer and has exhibited her work throughout UK.

Travel and adventures have always been a great interest of her, especially when she has the opportunity to get to know different cultures.  When her three sons moved out to start their own lives they sold the house and everything they owned and started the journey around the world on two BMW F 800 GS.


Anders_StridfeldtAnders Stridfeldt

Anders grew up in Sweden but later moved to England. Before he started the trip around the world he worked for over 20 years at AstraZeneca as an IS/IT Manager and Project Manager. For 10 years he was based in Macclesfield, UK.

His interests for motorcycles began when he watched the epic series ‘Long Way Round’. Shortly after he took his motorcycle driving licence and bought his first motorcycle, a BMW R1200 GS.


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