Jul 01 2013

Riding through Poland

The last day in Sweden felt a bit sad leaving family and friends behind but it was also mixed with feelings of excitement. Unfortunately we couldn’t meet up with everyone but that’s always the case when visiting Sweden. Both Anders and myself are amazed about all the nice people we have meet since we took off over a month ago. Everywhere we go we meet people who are incredible friendly. In every shop we’ve visited to buy equipment, cloths etc., we have got discount when we told them about the trip and I love discount 🙂

We have also had a fantastic support from Touratech and BMW Motorad, which we would like to take the opportunity to give a huge thanks to.

We took the ferry from Karlskrona to Gdynia in Poland, which was cheap and quick, only one night sleep and swish we were there 🙂


Arriving to Poland

First day on the road in Poland did not go as smooth as planed due to the heavy traffic and that we decided to not ride on the pay roads that people told us to do…. Instead we got stuck in traffic jams and therefore we didn’t managed to do the mileage we had planed to do. However, we decided not to get upset about that as it’s only in the very beginning of the trip and I’m sure worse will come. We had one bad night sleep and a stomach bug each so now that is done too ;).

We woke up early the day after and manage to get back on the roads by 7.30am which is an improvement…we said 6.30am but hey, it doesn’t matter as we have one and a half year to get around the world J Luckily the traffic wasn’t too bad the second day in Poland so we decided to continued to avoid pay roads, as we wanted to see more than just a nice road. One thing that makes me curious is why polish drivers try to run me down by their car every time they overtake me… Maybe there is a competition going on that I’m not aware of which is, who can get closest to my bike before I show them my f.ck off finger…

We arrived to Krakow in the afternoon, which was nice as we had time for a beer and to relax a bit. The camping is probably one of the cleanest camping I’ve ever visited, which was a positive surprise. Another positive thing about visiting Poland is that the food is to die for and it’s ridiculous cheap. Last night we went to a great Mexican restaurant in Krakow and we paid about £20 (200 SEK) for two starters, two main meals, two salad plus four beers.

Today we are heading towards Hungary through Slovakia if we can get these blog post ready… nightmare to upload images with a very slow Internet….

Some pics from the trip
























Some of the luggage





Not sure who these guys are but we photographed them in a church in Krakow. If anyone knows please let us know.







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  1. David

    Good luck with the trip, loving the photographs.

    1. TwoBikersOneWorld

      Thanks David 🙂

  2. David

    good luck with the trip, loving the pictures

  3. Shaik

    Keep going and Rocking. Good luck! Glad to know about the discount part 🙂 & nice pictures

  4. Carol

    Loving to hear all the news.Keep going and sending those lovely pics….if poss!
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