GPS tracking

NOTE: Our subscription with SPOT has ended so it’s no longer possible to track our location  🙁

To track our current progress click on the picture of the SPOT satellite GPS messenger below.





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  1. Tobbe

    Ser att ni stannat till i Karlskrona. Ska ni på färjan eller kör ni genom Skåne ut ur landet? Bor utanför Lund ifall ni behöver något innan ni lämnar Sverige. Fantastisk resa ni tar er för lyssnade på föredraget om hårfönen i säfsen.

  2. Richard

    Wow, this is really Big Brother ish, we can all now see when you are slacking. no escape now…. good biking.

  3. Anand

    track looks awesome.. Good luck!

  4. Otávio

    We’re watching you.
    Good track.

  5. Jon

    I saw you guys in Joshua Tree and yucca valley today as I was on my was home from work! You guys rode behind me. I was on the loud honda magna! Have fun on your trip!

    1. TwoBikersOneWorld

      Hello Jon, Sorry we missed you though you were on a loud honda 😉 We will have as fun as we can on the trip. Have a nice day 🙂

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